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  • Departure
    Departure is the 2008 album from FIDGITAL. It\\'s a departure in many ways - few lyrics, slow tempos, sparse instrumentation & a focus on emotion give Departure a mood & sound unique in the FIDGITAL catalogue. Departure combines elements from indie rock, glitch, instrumental hip-hop, dub reggae, ambient & jazz to create a soundtrack for a life spent between departure terminals & hotels.
    • Make up friends
    • We lost the signal
    • In a strange city
    • Zeppelin
    • David Bowman
    • Miles` trick
    • Souvenir
    • H1B
    • ...its aurora over streets...
    • Departure
    • The letter home

  • Vintage Red
    Released January 2006, Fidgital's concept album 'Vintage Red' showcases the band's unique sound and lyrical depth with all the intensity and musicanship of their live act. The CD includes a twenty four page booklet illustrated by acclaimed fantasy artist Kierston Vande Kraats.
    • Act I
    • True Ambition
    • My Life As A Million Billionaire
    • El Paradisio
    • Act II
    • Ground Zero
    • You Got It Goin On
    • Hypochondria
    • Kill Me Don`t Kill Me
    • Act III
    • Open Season
    • We Are Sex Bucket
    • One Shot At Heaven
    • Curtain Call

  • Condo Life
    The full-length album, 'Condo Life' fuses jazz, electronica and pop with a mid to late 80s sensibility. Fun, catchy, truly unique.
    • Build the city (part 1)
    • Any other way
    • You know me better than you do
    • Condo life
    • Mosaic
    • This situation
    • Fashionable
    • Brand new wave
    • The lobby
    • 29 stories
    • Whatever, whoever, whenever
    • Lament for Luvaffair
    • Yaletown
    • Build the city (part 2)
    • How can I go wrong?

  • Spyglass
    'Spyglass', Fidgital's first full length album, is best described as eclectic electronica and big band techno.
    • The getaway
    • Hit & run
    • Social disease
    • Kitsilano
    • Fear
    • Atwin 8
    • Sometimes
    • Drag & drop
    • The Starlight
    • Le Chiffre
    • Escape my love

  • Renovations
    The follow-up to 2004's "Condo Life", "Renovations" features new tracks and killer remixes from around the world.
    • Build the city (Liquified remix)
    • Fashionable (Fidgital remix)
    • Whatever, whoever, whenever (JOF)
    • Mosaic (Beats and Scratches remix)
    • Don't you fall in love (premix)
    • You know me... (DJ RAM remix)
    • Flow to you
    • Brand new wave (Turtle Bend remix)
    • The lobby (No Luck Club remix)
    • 29 stories (Fidgital remix)
    • Fire escape
    • How can I go wrong? (Klaxxon mix)
    • Space fever (live)


  • Social Disease
    Fidgital's first CD single plays like an album. Includes the original 'Social Disease' track, interpretations by musicians from Vancouver and across the globe, and three Fidgital B-Sides.
    • Social disease (album version)
    • Social disease (Fidgital remix)
    • Kitsilano
    • Social disease (Adri`s laboratory mix)
    • Social disease (Dionysus mix)
    • Star, sky & such
    • Social disease (smalltowngirl part 1)
    • Social disease (smalltowngirl part 2)
    • Take it from me
    • Social disease (reinfected)
    • Social disease (video edit)

  • hit&run
    Fidgital's second CD single also plays like an album. Includes the original 'hit&run' track, interpretations by musicians from Vancouver and across the globe, and three Fidgital B-Sides.
    • hit&run
    • hit&run (Fidgital`s anything remix)
    • Vesuvius
    • hit&run (Jealous of Frank`s mix)
    • hit&run (DJ RAM`s mix)
    • hit&run (Adri's dub)
    • Space fever
    • hit&run (Fidgital`s Miami mix)
    • hit&run (sporophyte remix)
    • hit&run (the dream remix by LBM)
    • Melancholy Avenue
    • hit&run (the mix fits the crime)
    • hit&run (Math Genius remix)

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